What is a good PowerPoint Presentation ?

This post is going to discuss about a good PowerPoint Presentation. As a mass communication student, presentations place an important part in my major subject. According to Dr. Joseph Sommerville, PowerPoint slideshows is expected to become the norm of visual of most of the presentations because they are quick to produce, easy to update and effective to inject visual interest into the presentation.
A good document which helps readers read efficiently and also enable to reader to point out the most important content of the document. (Putnis, Peter & Petelyn & Rosyln, 1996) It also proved that a good PowerPoint Presentation is based on who we design the PowerPoint and how we present it. So, what is a good PowerPoint Presentation?
According to Wendy Rusell, I had figured out a few main points that should be improved based on my group's last week summary presentation. The first part, Wendy Rusell stated we should keep important information near the top of the slide because often the bottom portions of slides cannot be seen from the back rows because heads are in the way. Do not use too many words or sentences in a presentation slide, but simply write your title or course outline. (Zane L Marquez, 2010) Yet, we just place in all related information together in a slide and we did not really concern on the arrangement of information in a slide that would make our slides easy to follow in our presentation.

The second part, According to Wendy Rusell, we should simplify and limit the number of words on each screen. Nevertheless, in our presentation we used more than three bullets per slide and there are not much surrounding space to make the readers to read easier.  Too much or too little space will upset the balance and the proportion of the page (Reep, 2006)

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