Blogs as current Phenomenon & Benefits of Blogging to the Community

According to the 2009 State of the Blogosphere survey demonstrates, the growth of the blogosphere's influence on subjects ranging from business to politics to the way information travels through communities continues to flourish. (Jennifer McLean, 2009) It reported that the size of blogosphere is growing in a speedy rate. It is very difficult to figure out what is the size of the current blogosphere. According to Lee Hopkins (2009), in Technorati’s own “About us” page that the number of blogs they were following was about 200 million. We can only figure out the current size of blogosphere by ourselves.

There is a research that makes a comparative, data-based study of the conceptual metaphors in the English and Malay bloggers’ discourse on social-political issues in Malaysia. They concluded that there are differences in the metaphors of used in the Chinese blogs as opposed to the Malay blogs but there is no proof or argues that the use of the metaphors in the blogs is conscious.

According to the book "Blogging and Democratization in Malaysia: Anew Civil Society in the Making", the government of Malaysia clamped down on bloggers in the period before the 2008 elections and recount examples of bloggers rapidly mobilizing support in response to police action. The importance of the comments in blogs was highlighted when a blogger was arrested because of a comment left in his blog; in a countermove, a police report was filed against the Prime Minister because of objectionable content in comments on his website. (J. Tan & I. Zawawi,2009)

In my opinion, the benefits of those prevalent blogs to the community is to knowledge those people that are not concern with the sensitive issue that will cause the blogs prevalent in Malaysia. It is not really benefits if I look into form a point of view of Malaysian. We are always illegal to touch any sensitive issues because the government needs to maintain a peaceful life between different races, cultures and religions in Malaysia.


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