"I come from a print background, and I'm learning alongside every other editor and publisher in this business who's adjusting to this digital age - to the iPad, to having all kinds of readers, to what people want," said Bolton of Quilting Arts (Susan Currie Sivek, 2010)
Source: google.com

According to the article ‘Gourmet Live, Quilting eMag Rethink Magazines in Digital Form’ by (Susan Currie Sivek, 2010) these magazines experiment with new products, they also demonstrate all the challenges magazines face as they develop complex multimedia products that are more than just digital copies of print content which is digital magazine named eMag. She stated they will offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities in the future eMags and plans to encourage advertisers to create ads that use the unique advantages of the eMag format. (Susan Currie Sivek, 2010)
            VoluME is a monthly e-magazine that features the latest on the Norfolk music scene and has details of the volunteering opportunities available for young people in the county. (bbc.co.uk, 2010) In the article ‘Latest: VoluME digital magazine’ (2010), VoluME also function as inform the audiences what is happening on the weekly radio show, BBC Norfolk Introducing which promotes new local music talent, with features on bands and gigs for the month ahead. It is supported by BBC Norfolk Introducing and vinvolved which helps young people develop new and existing skills so they can boost their CV and contribute positively to their community and also creating volunteering opportunities. (bbc.co.uk, 2010)
            According to (naylornet.com, 2010) which is the leading provider of print and online media and event management solutions exclusively serving the association marketplace. In the article ‘eMagazine’ (2010) stated, interactive magazines which mean e-magazines keep your message top-of-mind, is a new way to extend the life of your publication and spread its message in an interactive format. Next, benefits of e-magazine are increase the reach and impact of your print message by converting it to digital form with an e-magazine and easier to transfer your print publication into digital form by sharing through e-mail, blogs and links posted on the websites. (naylornet.com, 2010)

Source: google.com
In the other country, Australia’s first core online surfing magazine named 18seconds Magazine which dedicated to surfing to provides users with a rich reading experience through multimedia and interactivity, by bringing the best surfing from around the world. (Andy Morris, 2010) According to the article ‘18seconds Magazine: Australia’s first core online surfing magazine’ (2010), it is hundred percent free and is created by three passionate individuals with over 15 years experience in the media industry: Founding Editor Andy whose is an ex Surfing Life Assistant Editor, Liam O’Toole whose is a freelance Web Designer and Alicia Smith as a Graphic Designer who has worked on accounts such as Mercedes-Benz, Skyy Vodka and Corona. (Andy Morris, 2010) a lot of big companies till a small surfing topic already created an e-magazine for their convenience. It proved e-magazine is going to be a part of our life in the future.



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